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Raising a child is not cheap nor easy. Getting a kid from infancy all the way to high school is quite expensive. Child support is used to divide the costs of raising the children between the parents. Here are some of the reasons according to Law Office of Leo E. Foust as to why parents advocate for child support

Feeding The Childrennuts

The funds will enable the children to feed without any difficulties. One of the necessities is food. Children are entitled to feed well so as to facilitate growth and health. Therefore, the funds will enable the children to get food without a hassle.


All beings are entitled to proper clothing. The clothes include uniforms that are needed in school. They should be warm during cold times and well dressed for the hot season.


The children live in homes that need to be paid for. It could be a mortgage or even rent. Other things that come under shelter include utility bills that the child uses as their primary residence.

Medical Care

Most employers offer health insurance to their workers and their families. The children benefit from the cover, but when the child is not covered, the child support comes in handy. The parents will split their earnings to make sure that their baby has medical care so that in the case of any illness or emergency, they can be handled with the care that they deserve.


At this time and age, everyone is entitled to an education. The child support is used to cater for education expenses like tuition fee, school uniform, books, and other expenses that come along in school. Also, their money for snacks in school or school trips is covered in the education category.

Child Care

ChildThis is one crucial factor that the child support caters for. The children need money for their upkeep. Maintenance like the cost of diapers, nannies, day care and their well-being is covered. They need to be comfortable from the time they are infants till when they can look after themselves. This will enable them to be healthy emotionally and physically.


Children too, just like adults need entertainment. Show money covers costs like toys, movies, plays and their days out with other babies. Studies show that active children grow up to be smart and extrovert as compared to their counterparts who are not active and are indoors throughout the day. It is, therefore, important that they are exposed to such.

father and child

It comes a time when divorce is the only solution to disagreements between couples. At this point, one of the hardest decisions to make is who will be the caretaker of your kids. Agreements related to child custody are legally binding and determine the responsibilities of each parent. The big issues lies on, who will be making legal decisions for the children and secondly, where will the children reside physically. The latter can be done jointly. But if they do not agree where the kids will stay, the help of a custody lawyer will be needed.

Ways a custody attorney can help

Familiar with family law

An experienced and skilled attorney is ready for anything. They have dealt with such cases before and fully understands if one of the parties tries malicious attempts. They have arguments and answers ready. This aspect of lawyers will be of help if your spouse is out to fight for primary control.

Experience in negotiation

negotiationA very small number of custody cases make it to the judge. The majority of the parents can agree before they end up in court. Through the help of lawyers, they negotiate and agree amicably. It is very important to trust the negotiation skills of your lawyer because he or she might help you get what you want while retaining legal rights. An experienced lawyer is always out to ensure the best interest of the parents and children are taken care of.

Confidence with court procedures

If you and your partner do not agree, the only thing left is to face the judge. If this is the case, the lawyer has the knowledge on how to best present your claim before the judge. They will be confident, organized and armed with all evidence to support your case.

Ability to set up child support

If you choose an experienced lawyer, they will be able to make sure that your spouse pays enough cash. If you are that parent to make the payments, your lawyer will, on the other hand, ensure that you do not pay the excess.

Ability to put your interest and that of your children first

Three boysSome parents forget that the wellbeing of their children must be put first. A trusted and experienced lawyer will be able to do this. The lawyer will explain to you that the procedure is disturbing and stressful, but your child’s wellbeing must be put first. You need a lawyer who will fully support you and your children.