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You never know what’s going to happen to your loved ones, and the worst thing that could happen is that they have wrongful death. As if death isn’t bad enough, but a wrongful one can really be devastating for the victim’s loved ones. Wrongful deaths are those that aren’t by accident, and in some cases, it could be called a murder. For example, murder itself is a wrongful death. Another example is malpractice during a surgery which causes death. However, you can make sure that justice is served. The victim’s family is entitled to these compensations, if they choose to go through court and sue the party responsible for the wrongful death.

surgeryMedical Expenses

Medical expenses include any surgery or health related procedure that the victim has to go through before or after their death. For example, if someone did an intentional hit and run to your loved one, any surgery performed after the incident should be covered by the driver. Any surgery performed after death, such as stitching wounds, should also be covered by the driver. This is why you should keep all medical expense bills so that it can serve as proof for when you fight for compensation from the party responsible.

Funeral Expenses

Funerals are not cheap. First, you’ll have to pay for the casket. Then, you’ll have to pay for the victim’s body cleaning and balming, and if preferred, beautifying. After all of that, you’d need a place to hold the funeral, buy land from the cemetery, hire a priest or a religious leader for the prayer, buy flowers, etc. This is all very expensive and in the case of wrongful death, should not be covered by the victim’s loved ones. It might be a while until the party responsible for the wrongful death give you the money for these expenses, so you’d probably have to cover it for yourself at first. But aim for justice, and the same amount or even more should return to your pocket.

red car accidentDamage Expenses

As explained in the previously stated example, if the case of the wrongful death involves the victim’s vehicle or housing, the party responsible should cover for the damage expenses. If the car is completely wrecked and needs fixing or replacement, this shouldn’t be the responsibility of the victim’s family. If the victim’s house is in any case damaged, for example the landlord lets a gas leak on purpose and the victim’s house went in flames, the landlord should be responsible of fixing the house.

law book

A family lawyer is a specialist in family law, child custody, and support, divorce precedents, and family members support and some other cases. They help any family person to compose court pleading in an appropriate form, and to draft any judicial materials. Family and Divorce Lawyer in Orlando, FL Beryl Thompson-McClary can offer such and more family related legal solutions.

What are the key functions performed by family lawyers?

Family legal representation

The perfect knowledge of Civil Law as a whole, and Family Law in particular. Every state has its state family law precedents, has its judges, defense lawyers and prosecutors. Your family lawyer should know almost all of them. The better connections and law expertise knowledge he or she has, the better for your purse or your wallet.


The expert knowledge in all types of paperwork. If you start solving some judicial problem, the paperwork could lead you to a nearest mental hospital. The legalese language differs greatly from the General American and from the BBC English too. The tricky labyrinths of law documentation could be passed just only while being headed by an experienced attorney.

A reliable partner in all your family situations

Whatever legal problem you have, some business deal issue, an insurance setback, a police arrest, or something else, all members of your family, from your Granddad and till your impudent urchin, will be protected by your new family member, your family lawyer.

Divorce problems are the worst problems

Surely, you remember a smorgasbord of divorce jokes, like, “Life is too short. Initiate a divorce!” Or, maybe, “Gloomy divorce is played out by happy lawyers.” In reality, everything is different. A good family lawyer will propose you the best divorce variants, being impartial and impersonal, as they are trained in their law colleges. ‘Dura lex, sed lex,’ which means that the law is hard, but it is law. And in the most complicated situations, they will find out a way out. Because from their students years they know how to speak with their opponents.

Emotional assistance

In cases of child custody and child guardianship, the trials could turn into real court dramas. The situation could slip out of your emotional control. A good family lawyer will help you to pass all these emotional hardships and will not permit your opponents to pull your emotional triggers. Good Lawyers are good psychologists. The fewer tears you show to your rivals, the better for your case.

Plummeting your court expenses

If your family lawyer turned in your family member, he or she would do the best to protect your financial assets. They know how to find any law loopholes and to pass through them in an effective way. In the opposite case, even the small law case could leave you flat broke. Befriend with your family lawyer, and you will save a lot of money as well of life energy.


Therefore, the top notch family lawyers could help you to solve a lot of life and business problems. They could be useful as a living civil law encyclopedia, as well close family members. The only moment, you should take into account that you are to choose just only those, who have an impeccable reputation, and whose moral qualities don`t arouse any doubts.


So long as you live on this planet, injuries must occur at any point in life, both minor and major. What matters is how to deal with it when it strikes. According to Law Offices of Michael J. Brennan, as much as careful we may try to be, we just can’t avoid accidents, they find us even in our homes, where we believe the safest place on earth. Our children are not safe either, injuries have become a part of their daily lives, and so teachers also have a role to play in this phase of development. We have another class of injury which does not happen naturally and must be accounted for accordingly.

Types of personal injury cases

Car accidents

Involves bodily harm caused by common accidents on the road. It ranges from one car colliding into another or a driver losing control of his vehicle resulting in a terrible crush.

Cases of medical malpractice

Happens when one’s health is in the care of an incompetent team of health workers, resulting in serious and irreparable damage to one’s overall well-being.

Slip and fall cases

This mostly happens within the home area. These cases revolve around the staircase. As the name suggests, people miss their step, trip and the next thing they know; they are down on the ground with broken limbs.

Personal Injury

Dog bites cases

Most home owners prefer to keep dogs as pets since they are believed to be the most loyal creatures. On the flipside, they can cause quite an uproar once provoked, and this leads to personal injury through biting.

Assault and battery cases

This happens when one inflicts injury of a high degree on another, especially during a physical attack. One party might use a blunt object or a bare fist, causing untold suffering and damage to their victim.

Choosing a personal injury attorney


In the event that any of the listed cases happens to you, you should seek the advice and services of a personal injury attorney as justice must be served. Here’s how to choose a personal injury attorney to represent you in court and ensure you are compensated in full. Familiarize yourself with the attorney’s rating as this speaks volumes about the quality of the work they do and the kind of results you should expect from them.

Years of experience behind them

Find out how long they have been practicing this profession because this will give you a hint on how well they have mastered the ropes.

It all boils dgavelown to their personal grooming. Do you fancy their style of dressing? This tells a lot about how well they handle cases entrusted to their care. A neatly dressed attorney is sure to deliver results in the courtroom so focus. Visit their office and be the judge. If it is clean and organized, this assures you of the seriousness with which cases handed to them are handled.


Your attorney must be located in the same vicinity as you are just in case of an impromptu meeting regarding your case and you cannot afford the luxury of time travel long distances.

The degree of injury inflicted

If it is something minor, there is no need for an attorney, but if your injury involuntarily relieves you of your daily routine and tasks, you will need the best personal injury attorney you can find.