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Lemon law for compensation is used in many parts of the world. The role of the law is to make sure that buyers are compensated for a car that they bought which did not meet the recommended standards. It is always advisable to hire a lawyer to get a lemon law refund.

A good lawyer will give you guidelines to make sure that you receive the type of compensation that you deserve. You need to remember that various guidelines need to be met you receive compensation. Here are some tips on using lemon law:

Keep Records

lemon carIt is important to keep all the records because they will be required for a refund or compensation to be made. Keeping records means that you should have all the records on repairs. These repairs are important in determining fairness in case of compensation.

The main role of lemon law is to make sure that there is fairness to both the buyer and sell. You can only prove that you deserve compensation if you have all the records with you. Make sure that you compile all the records that will be required by law.

Give a Notice

You will be required to give notice to the manufacturer or the deal. The notice is letting them know that you need a refund or compensation. When writing a return receipt letter, it should be certified, and it should be sent to the nearest manufacturer or dealer. The notice should be sent as soon as the car is considered a lemon. The earlier you send the letter, the higher the chances of getting compensation for the lemon.

Off-set Fee

faulty carIn some instances, you might be required to buy an off-set fee before you get the car refund or compensation. The role of the off-set fee is to take care of the mileage before your first repair. For many manufacturers, the process is quite straightforward. However, some manufacturers have a complex process, and you might be required to go to arbitration.


Arbitration is a process that might require a law. If you do not have a good understanding of the compensation procedures and guidelines, then your attorney might help in this case. As long as you have all the records and your car was considered a lemon, then you should get the compensation that you deserve.